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I have been much more careful recently when looking to hire a removals business for an upcoming move because i have seen a great deal of bad press recently relating to some of the bigger removals firms and their customers experiences with  domestic removals in london.

This has brought me to summarize that I will definitely be looking for an insurance company that can offer full transit insurance for my personal items plus a company that has been trading for a few years. I can see there are a lot of companies in London but I think finding one that has every one of the right experience and that is not gonna charge the earth is quite something else. Some of the items that I am moving are both fragile and maintain a lot of emotional value and thus it is essential these are securely transported from a to B.

Another one of my demands will be to obtain a local company which know the nearby roads, because i think this helps the whole operation to run far more smoothly. I must say i dont want our removals firm to be relying on GPS as the move is going to need somebody that does understand the local area and i also feel that this can be imperative to get a successful transfer. I also feel that getting a company that is located in the local area will be a very good idea as opposed to a nationwide company. Where I live really does require someone who is aware the local roads and is not relying on a Global positioning system unit in order to get the job to run effectively.

I will also be looking for a company that has a great customer service team so that in case of any issues not only will my personal goods always be insured, also that I will have an excellent customer service group who will be in a position to help me along with anything quickly which I consider is very important.

Having said that I do know a close friend who’s had a large amount of success getting companies out of the local paper previously and also the big books, but I just believe that it is a bit of a lottery in all honesty and also you really dont have any details on them. I simply wish that I am not posting in regards to a terrible removals business on here in 2, 3 weeks time!

I’d advise that if a person were to have an matter such as this and get effectively ripped off by a few rogue traders, it is actually a good idea to not permit it to lie there! I’d really suggest reporting the company in question to their regulatory authority if you have one and in addition even heading to the media with the facts. The strength of the media can be enormous and there are several very well-known programs around that expose rogue tradesmen which do also assist to show these rogue businesses to the average person which has the main benefit of assisting people to stay away from these firms and more importantly with any luck , making the corporation go bust.

June 4th, 2012
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